Remembering September 11, 2001

It is incredible to believe that it has been ten years since our lives have changed. I believe on that fateful day that America lost her innocence. America had been fighting terrorism around the world, but not at home. Home was our sanctuary….our refuge. That was changed forever on this fateful day ten years ago.

In 1993, The World Trade Center had been the target of a smaller and less organized attack,  but September 11, 2001 was anything but disorganized. It was planned long in advance, people trained, and they followed their plan. As a result, 2,977 innocent people died.

Our lives changed forever and how we look at the world. The US struck back at the Al Qaida terrorist group with the first official  response on 7 October 2001 with the start of the aerial campaign. US Special Operations Forces led the response and has suffered many of the casualties as a result. I personally know many of the operators who have gave the ultimate sacrifice for our country. SFC Daniel Petithory, SSG Brian Cody Prosser, and MSG Jefferson Davis were the first SF soldiers to pay that ultimate price.

I know that everyday, I think in some way or another about the events that happened on September 11. It may be catching a snippet on the war on the news or when I am visiting with former brothers at 5th SFG or at other SOF bases….or tragically, when we are contacted because someone has a need and are reaching out for assistance. I know that in all our lives, the Task Force Dagger Foundation feels the loss and hurt of each soldier and family we come into contact with. We are glad to be here and that we are able to help with what little we can. I know that I wish we were not needed.

In reflecting on the events of September 11, 2001; we have been at war for ten years and 6,207 Service men and women have defended our freedom with their last measure. Take a moment and go to This website lists all the casualties from OEF (Operation Enduring Freedom), OIF (Operation Iraqi Freedom), and OND (Operation New Dawn). You can scroll down and learn more about these brave Americans. You can put a face to their name and find out more about them.

To my friends and former team mates, you are my family and I know that I am a better person for knowing you and serving with you. Thank you for your sacrifice and love for our great country.

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2 Responses to Remembering September 11, 2001

  1. mom says:

    ‘thank you for this blog. As the mom and dad of that friend and soldier (I like to say warrior) that was injured back in Dec of 2010 we want you to know we are grateful for your organization and the way you have treated our family. It means so much to those injured warriors to keep in touch with those who fought with.them

    Our son is currenlty on his second scuba trip with your organization. Hope he keeps his leg on this time and one of you guys don’ t have to go diving for it. This trip you provide is a wonderful outlet for the families, giving them a chance to forget the hospital and doctors appointments and just get together and have a good time.

    Thanks again and keep up the good work. SF guys are very special in our book!

  2. Thank you for the kind words. We strive to help where we can.

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